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Quantity: 18,75 Liter = 3800 Ft/Liter

Quantity: 3,75 Liter = 3900 Ft/Liter


WOODFIX, a "Chemical Free Wood Preservative Solution"
This dynamic product is the advancement of a Prior Art, solvent based wood treatment, used in the early years of the Twentieth Century and discontinued with the onset of the USA- FIFRA registration issues of the Mid Fifties. Natur-Power Kft. distribute a next generation solvent based wood preservative utilizing politically correct Green components, the basis of this dynamic product. The process theory of Woodfix is simple. The introduction of a highly penetrating natural solvent crosslinked with Cedar Oil and Silicone to the wood cellular structure succeeds in the closing and drying of the Hydrogen tails of the Hydroxyl Molecular group found in wood media. The closure of the molecule chain eliminates the opportunity of the media to harbor moisture content either in airborne (humidity) or liquid form. This results in dimensional stability, water resistance and pest control. Penetration with the proprietary hydrocarbon solvent displaces existing moisture content in the wood which results in Kiln-less Drying, an instant evacuation and exodus of H?O compounds from the media. Unlike aqueous treatments that are subject to entry and exit by moisture and the continuous leaching of toxins, water can never displace a solvent carrier from its impregnation to wood cellular. After entry to the wood through the vascular feeding system, (summer sap ring) and migration to the adjoining sap wood, (winter sapwood ring) the annular growth rings are sealed using the trees own resins as a catalyst that forms a waxy like substance in the media cellular structure. This enhancement mirrors that of internal gluing or the addition of steel plates to the wood, strengthening the composition and limiting the flexibility of the wood. Woodfix can be used as a wood preservative on closed cell woods including but not limited to Black Spruce. Woodfix is effective in treating all types of Hardwoods and Softwoods. Use Woodfix, the revolutionary new "Chemical Free Solution" wood treatment protocol of the future. Black Spruce. Woodfix is effective in treating all types of Hardwoods and Softwoods. Use Woodfix, the revolutionary new "Chemical Free Solution" wood treatment protocol of the future.
Woodfix Wood Stabilizer penetrates the fiber makeup of timber delivering a unique blend of Cedar Oil and Silicone to the cellular structure of all Hard, Soft wood, Plywood and Bamboo media. Moisture normally found in timber is replaced with the Woodfix non toxic solvent which modifies the molecular make up of wood and renders it perpetually moisture, insect, mold and decay resistant. Dimensional stability and additional strength is obtained by cellular and fiber adhesion which controls warping, cupping, splitting and fastener rejection. The components of Woodfix meet FDA FOOD GRADE requirements and are considered environmentally safe for use in and around Children and Pets.
Woodfix is designed for use in treatment of all wood and bamboo cellular products including but not limited to Decks, Docks, Fence, Outdoor Furniture, Landscape Timbers, Stables, Mangers, Livestock Pens, Agricultural Stakes, Barns, Structural Lumber, Bee Houses and any application using wood.
Excellent for Log Cabin type construction. Woodfix delivers a Natural Termiticide and insect deterrent to the treated timber. It can be used inside or outside. Provide adequate ventilation when initially applying in closed areas.
To apply Woodfix simply use a brush, roller, air or airless paint gun. Best applications are made with a Compression Sprayer using the wand to deliver the product at close range. This is a low viscosity highly penetrating liquid that will immediately absorb into the treated surface. Immediate repeat treatments provide further penetration. Apply from both sides of surface when possible. Submersion of lumber prior to construction will enhance the performance of Woodfix. This product can be used to encapsulate Copper Fungicides such as CCA, ACQ and other toxic wood treatment agents. Allow 72 hours cure time before the application of oil based or aqueous stain and paint coatings.
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